About Us

On behalf of the pupils, parents, staff and governors, welcome to Woodthorpe JI School’s website. I hope that you will find it informative and interesting.

We are a popular one form entry school in Kings Heath. Our mission statement is our school’s main aim: ‘to lay the foundations for a fulfilling life by promoting a joy of learning in every child enabling them to reach their full potential within our happy, secure and caring environment.’ We are a fully inclusive school where all the children achieve. In our school ‘it is alright to be different’ and ‘there are no outsiders.’ This is achieved through the fundamental British Values of respect and tolerance, democracy, individual liberty and rule of law. We celebrate and recognise all children’s talents, both within and beyond our school. Our individual school values are trust, honesty, kindness, respect, confidence and acceptance.

We have a well-established partnership with Bishop Challenor Sports College, St. Bedes Church, international links with a primary school in Uganda and we are a member of the Colmore Alliance. This enables us to provide an enriched and exciting curriculum for our pupils through the teaching and learning opportunities this brings.

As a school, we pride ourselves on the professional development we offer our staff, which has a direct and positive impact on our pupils’ learning. We offer training opportunities for students from various universities and colleges.  We are extremely proud to be a Rights Respecting School and a Music Quality Mark school, with an active brass band and school choir. Our children enjoy access to a wide variety of sporting opportunities through the curriculum and in after school clubs. Our children take part in a broad range of sporting events and competitions between local schools. We also offer a range of after school clubs for all ages. Woodthorpe is extremely proud of our forest school where children achieve child initiated objectives and learn to be competent and confident in outdoor activities. 


Our junior pupils have the opportunity to attend residential visits each year; years 3 and 4 visit Blackwell Adventure and Years 5 and 6 visit Red Ridge Outdoor Education Centre. During the year, all classes have the opportunity to attend educational visits which are planned to enrich the curriculum and provide valuable learning experiences.

Woodthorpe JI School and its community are fortunate to be so well supported by Woodthorpe Friends, our parents association. They are fully involved in the life of the school and provide our children with exciting, fun opportunities which enriches their learning. They run fundraising events for the school and support a range of very worthwhile charities. They also support school’s Pupil Council and help them play an active part in shaping and guiding our vision, values and priorities of the school.

Our governing body play an active, leading role in the strategic direction of the school and guiding the decisions that are made. They are fully committed to ensuring our children receive the best education through the opportunities, resources and experiences we provide. They play a vital role in the life of the school.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and that it will provide you with a good insight into our school. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.



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